Cardo’s Farm Project in the News _________________________________

NBC Local News, May 2, 2011- Cardo’s Farm Project 

Dallas Observor May 25, 2011- Farm Fresh: Two Twentysomethings Dig In to Create a Sustainable Ag Project in Ponder

Dallas Observor June 1, 2011- A Dead Chicken Can Still Cluck

Denton Record Chronicle June 8- Unusual Use for Beet Juice                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The Greenhorns’ Irresistible Fleet of Bicycles Blog June 21, 2011- They’re Doin’ It 

We Denton Do It, July 20, 2011- Interview with Cardo’s Farm Project 

Denton Record Chronicle July 28, 2011- Vegetable Medley 

Denton Record Chronicle July 31, 2011- Social Sustenance 

NT Daily September 2, 2011- North Texas Farmers Deal with Drought

Denton Record Chronicle September 19, 2011- Cultivating Community January 13, 2012- Cardo’s Farm Project: Planting Seeds of Sustainability Deep in the Heart of Texas

Edible Dallas Forth Worth Magazine June 2012-Deep in the Heart: Two Gritty Young Farmers and Their Vision