In the Fields

What tasks will a field work volunteer participate in?

Field work includes harvesting, planting, weeding and other hands-on, farm work tasks.

When can I volunteer?

Regular Weekly Volunteer Hours will begin again in May. Until then, we have a special Saturday Work Parties Scheduled. Please RSVP to Amanda 817.371.2278

Potato and Onion Planting! Saturday February 15th, 9am-Noon. 

How do I volunteer in the fields? 

Contact Amanda by text, call or email. 817.371.2278 or

What should I bring?

We strongly recommend that volunteers wear closed-toed, sturdy shoes and hats. We may be working in hot, cold, or wet conditions so please dress accordingly. Bring your work gloves (if possible,) water bottle, snacks, jokes, songs, attentiveness.

Be advised that while volunteering you may encounter soil, insects, noxious weeds and prickly plants in the field.


We greatly appreciate your interest and willingness to lend us a hand. We aim to offer volunteers an opportunity to learn and develop farming skills. It is important that volunteers understand that field work tasks, from weeding to harvesting, require a high level of attentiveness, detail orientation, and awareness.

-The age minimum is 12 years during regular volunteer hours.

– A limited number of volunteers are scheduled during regular, weekly volunteer hours.

-Individuals must schedule a time and date to volunteer at least one day in advance.

-Organized groups must schedule service projects at least 2 weeks in advance.

Thank you very much, and we look forward to seeing you at the farm!