Farmers in Training

photo 1 (3)James Adams, Agriculture Apprentice.

Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, James is a full-time member of the farm crew from March through December, learning the ins-and-outs of small scale sustainable vegetable production in the fields and at the Denton Community Market. He recently received his Bachelor’s of Arts in Anthropology from UNT and is interested in the cross cultural study of agricultural systems, as well as their relationships to other sociopolitical factors. He plans to utilize the apprenticeship at Cardo’s Farm Project to gain hands on experience for his upcoming stent in the Peace Corps, and which is more, to gain a valuable skill set and practical knowledge he can apply throughout his life.

photo 4 (2)Courtney Swearingen, Student Intern.   

An Anthropology student who is in her junior year at the University of North Texas and very happy to be a part of the CFP crew this spring! For the past year and a half she has been interested in agriculture and sustainable farming so, she thought it a great opportunity to intern and learn from the lovely Farmers Amanda and Marie. Post graduation, Courtney plans to fully immerse herself in farm life and culture by working as an agriculture apprentice for one or two seasons on other farms. She is VERY excited to continue farming and to be a part of the wonderful process.

photo (25)Rachel Weaver, Student Intern

Earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from UNT, and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Philosophy from UNT. Beginning in August 2012, Rachel has been a volunteer, a barter shareholder, and now a student intern for Cardo’s Farm Project. She enjoys working outside and in the community, and hopes to gain knowledge about gardening, farming, and sustainable living through here experiences with Cardo’s Farm Project.