CSA Farm Shares

What is CSA? A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), or “Farm Share” program is a way of providing folks with seasonal produce grown on a local farm. A CSA consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farming operation by purchasing shares of the farm’s harvest.

Why CSA? CSAs help support small-scale local farmers as well as assist in strengthening a community food system. Shareholders receive the most nutritious, fresh, seasonal produce grown without the use of chemicals. Farmers receive funding before the growing season begins, which helps cover upfront expenses, and they can plan to grow a more specific quantity of vegetables for a guaranteed and direct market. All the while farmers and consumers build a friendship and community!

How Do CSAs Work? A family or individual simply purchases a CSA “Farm Share” and once harvesting begins they pick up their share of vegetables on a once-weekly basis for an entire growing season.

Learn more about CSAs from Wikipedia.

Registration for Cardo’s Farm Project 2013 Spring CSA opens in early February!